Teri Aguilar LMT, CMT
Post Cosmetic Surgery Massage
& Aftercare Specialist


Reviews from some very happy clients.

"Teri Aguilar has worked for my practice as a licensed massage therapist, on an as needed basis, for 13 years. She is proficient in her field and has been an excellent massage therapist for my cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients. She excels in her expertise and her professional relationship with the patient and my practice." -Gregg Anigian M.D., P.A. Dallas, Tx

"Teri has been my massage therapist for many years. Teri has the rare quality of being extremely professional while also being extremely personable at the same time and it is always a pleasure to get a massage from her." -Jane Plano, Tx

"Having had major surgery that required massages for circulation, swelling, bruising and discomfort during an uncomfortable healing process, Teri was the integral part of a team of health practitioners that positively supported my recovery. I followed Teri's recommendations for recovery bodywork and am very pleased with the results." -Joanie Dallas, Tx

"Teri is very knowledgeable in many techniques that have helped me through the years including sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point and stretching techniques, etc. She was instrumental in my recovery from double knee replacement surgery by knowing where to target as I progressed through my recovery. Her years of experience in dealing with surgical patients also helped in having my incisions heal very nicely." -Angela Plano, Tx

"After my very first session with Teri, 4 day post op, I immediately felt better. Swelling went down and i was able to return to work at my physically demanding job. In under 2 weeks after my surgery Terri had me in great shape and feeling great. People were amazed at how great i looked/moved around, just 2 weeks post op. I am a client for life!" -Cristal M Dallas, Tx

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